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Book Signing, Saturday, March 27th

Patti will be signing books and music cd of her book, Preflight: A Soul Prepares to Return to Earth.

Cheshire Books
345 N Franklin Street
Fort Bragg, CA

Saturday, March 27 2pm to 6 pm
Live music from the cd Preflight will be played.

Review for Preflight

"I so enjoyed Sarah's story and the plan for her to return to earth life for another soul growing experience. I could feel the love of those that supported her life choices. The story reinforces the love we share with many not from this realm. It reiterates the importance of good long time friends and what a treasure they are in ones life. It reminds us to always find quiet moments so that we can reconnect to the real plan of why we're here and the need we each have to be quiet so that we can hear our own special Lullaby. I am awaiting the sequel because I wasn't done reading when I got to the last sentence. I was ready to follow her through her plan."
~Julie W., Garland, UT


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