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Preflight Music CD

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Landing Music CD

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As you read Preflight and Landing, imagine each to be a musical. The stage is set, there is dialogue and interaction between characters, and then someone sings from the heart and soul telling more of the story with music.

The music CDs for Preflight and Landing was a labor of pure love. Lyrics and poetry have always come easily to me, and the books and CDs were no exception. I seem to have an ongoing string of music in my head, like a jukebox that never ends. I believe it to be messages from my angels, lessons to consider, and inspiration to follow.

At the end of several chapters in the books, the lyrics to the songs are included. The music CDs can be enjoyed at that time, bringing more meaning to the characters and the story of Sarah and her journey in the Spirit World making plans to come to Earth, and in Landing, her descent back into the earthly plane.

Talented and supportive singers and musicians brought their unique gifts to this project and were drawn to or inspired to be a part of it. My eternal gratitude and love to all who helped in its creation.

Music CDs: $12.00 each (includes shipping and handling)

Preflight Paperback and Music CD: $24.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling)

Landing Paperback and Music CD: $28.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling)
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